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Making economic opportunities available to everyone in Senate District 6 is one of Senator Garcia’s core reasons for running for public office. She believes everyone in the community should have the chance to excel in their chosen field. Better opportunities can come through access to high-quality education to every student regardless of wealth, job trainings and skills classes offered in the classroom and community centers, financial assistance to those unable to normally receive these opportunities, and incentives to local businesses to hire from within the community.

Growing up in a Rio Grande Valley farming community as one of ten children, Senator Garcia knows first-hand how crucial these opportunities are. Through financial assistance and lots of hard work, Senator Garcia earned a degree in Social Work and then a law degree from Texas Southern University. This education and work ethic laid the foundation for her public service as a Judge, City Controller, County Commissioner, and now as State Senator. Senator Garcia wants the same opportunities for all of her constituents in Senate District 6, which is why you can rest assured she will keep fighting for policies that strengthen the backbone of our state, the middle class.