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I need your help today!
Today is the last day to vote. Pepsi is giving away millions each month to fund refreshing ideas that change the world. We have entered the Project Stars Epic Art to win $250,000. The ideas with the most votes will receive grants, so vote everyday until August 31st for Epic Art!


Our Goals

  • Install four pieces of Epic Artwork on oil storage tanks in district

  • Make “Museum Without Walls” to tell the story of Texas’ Independence

  • Marry the historic significance with the modern economy

Project Overview

The San Jacinto Texas Historic District's master plan calls for permanent displays of epic art along major corridors leading to the famous San Jacinto battleground site where, in 1836, settlers won a battle that created the Republic of Texas.  We have chosen to unite the past and present in a way that is as grand and epic as the great State of Texas. As you travel through the Historic District, you will drive alongside giant oil storage tanks adorned with epic art depicting the emotions and trials of the Texas Army's final approach to the battle that would determine their fate.  There are currently five of what will eventually be dozens of tanks with artwork that is four stories tall and up to 140 feet wide.  The project includes the support of sixteen communities and Harris County Precinct 2.


-Identify and prep 4 oil storage tanks along major corridors

-Work with historian/artist to create 4 murals

-Apply artwork to 4 selected oil storage tanks

How will the 250K be Used?

$ 170,800

Production of four 40' x 90' Epic Art Murals

$ 73,200

Installation of four murals at pre-selected sites

$ 6,000

Unveiling and Dedication

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover the preparation of the storage tanks. This process can cost over $30,000 per tank and is paid for by the host company or by other funding sources secured by the San Jacinto Texas Historic District.

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