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(Austin, TX) – Today, Senator Sylvia Garcia passed Senate Bill 1135 to stop the disturbing trend of nonconsensual disclosure ofsexually explicit images on the internet. This is usually done with the specific intent to gain revenge and harm the depicted person and without the consent of the depicted person. Thus, this practice has been commonly referred to as "revenge pornography." Victims' images are commonly posted along with information such as their name, contact information, and links to their social media profiles. To add insult to injury, "revenge porn websites" are further preying on victims by charging fees to remove the sexually explicit images from the internet. SB 1135 establishes criminal penalties and civil remedies for this reprehensible practice. The bill is now headed to the Governor's office for signing.

"I am thrilled to have passed this legislation to help victims get justice for the horrific practice of posting a nude or sexually explicit photo of the victims on the internet without their permission. The disclosure of these types of images without consent can lead to harassment, stalking, threats, harm to reputation and job loss. Like other forms of sexual violence, this intolerable act of control can make victims feel powerless. I hope that this legislation can empower those that have been victimized and deter those that would victimize."