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Pasadena, Texas - Earlier today four workers were injured at an explosion at the SunEdison facility in Pasadena. The fire has been extinguished. According to officials, no hazardous material dangerous to the public was released and no shelter-in-place was issued. It is currently unknown what caused the explosion.

"My thoughts are with those injured in today's blast. I pray that each of them will have a full and speedy recovery."

"I will monitor the investigation into today's explosion to see if there is anything I can do to help prevent such an accident from occurring in the future. We were lucky that the public was not exposed to any dangerous chemicals, but this type of event highlights the need for an alert system for notification of the release of toxic chemicals at these facilities."

"I introduced legislation last session, Senate Bill 1787, which would address this, but I was unable to get a hearing on the bill. I also suggested to the Lt. Governor that this issue be studied by the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Economic Development during the interim, and I am hopeful that he will charge the committee with examining this important issue. Regardless, I will make every effort next session to impress upon my colleagues in the Senate the importance of proactively protecting the public in the event toxic chemicals are released."