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AUSTIN – "As we approach 4th of July celebrations, it is a time to pause and remember those who have sacrificed to ensure our freedoms- our Veterans. It was an honor for me to serve on the Veteran’s Affairs & Military Installations Committee in the State Senate and pass a trio of bills that will further assist our Texas veterans”:

SB 1474 expands the eligibility of veterans seeking to enter treatment court programs and will specifically help veterans who have experienced a brain injury, mental health illness, or military sexual trauma and have come in contact with the law. Texas currently has 20 veteran treatment courts and they provide a positive structured treatment program to help veterans get their life back in order. This is significant for the men and women who have bravely served our country.

HB 867, the Texas Women Veterans Program, with Rep Ana Hernandez of Houston, will focus on tackling the unique issues that face female veterans coming out of service. With over 177,000 women veterans in Texas, the economic and social challenges faced by our women veterans hurt their families and hurt the Texas economy. By helping women veterans enter the work place and make use of veteran-connected services we will improve the economic strength of this state, their families and all Texans.

SB 1580, directs the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs to conduct a study and provide recommendations to address homelessness among veterans in Texas. It is a shame that many our veterans are on the streets in need of our help. This study will provide not only numbers but strategies and recommendations to get help address their needs.”

“This Independence Day, let us remember our Veterans who have sacrificed to ensure that we all have our freedoms and especially remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The greatest honor we can bestow upon on all of them is to ensure that all veterans enjoy and good quality of life in our great state”, concluded Senator Garcia.