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December 15, 2016                                                        
Contact: John Chapa Gorczynski               

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Senator Garcia Reacts to Temporary Restraining Order on New Fetal Tissue Rules


HOUSTON, TX – Today federal Judge Sam Sparks blocked new rules created by Texas administrators to direct the disposal of fetal remains away from medical standards. These new rules were proposed immediately after Texas' restrictive abortion laws were struck down as unconstitutional earlier this year.


"This delay is welcome news. These vague, over-reaching mandates are not intended to help our healthcare providers, funeral and cremation facilities, or distraught families. Instead, these regulations made by bureaucrats not lawmakers add insult to injury for Texas women and their dignity. If state agencies are going to continue to make these overzealous and far-reaching mandates, they at minimum should be responsible for clear guidance on how people are supposed to implement these changes," said Senator Sylvia Garcia.


"It's clear that these laws hiding as rules create an undue burden on women - the same reason HB 2 was ruled unconstitutional. It's a sad day when yet another judge has to remind our leadership of the importance of the constitution," added Senator Garcia.


State Senator Sylvia R. Garcia represents Senate District 6 and serves as Chair of the Texas Senate Hispanic Caucus