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Today, the Senate voted on the rules to govern Senate business for the remainder of the 84th Legislative Session. In a historically unprecedented move, the Senate moved to eliminate the requirement to have two-thirds of the Senate vote to bring Senate business to the floor. The loss of this protection will discourage cooperation among Senators, remove protections for rural and Democratic Senators, and signal a complete abandon of bipartisanship and Senate tradition. "When I started in the Senate two years ago, I was struck by the deliberativeness and consensus building attitude of my peers as they worked towards legislative solutions in the spirit of Senate tradition. This was the chamber of contemplative and respected leaders. I am now saddened and disappointed that we have come to the point where the minority is silenced, and where the integrity of the Texas Senate has been lost. "Regardless of these actions, rest assured that I will continue to fight for my constituents, and for the 1.8 million Democrats who voted for change last November."