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Actress Sally Field channelled her inner Norma Rae to lend support to Houston's non-discrimination ordinance "HERO" ahead of Tuesday's vote.

Ms. Field, who has been a steadfast supporter of the Human Rights Campaign, (HRC) and of LGBT rights, joined Texas State Senator Sylvia Garcia (photo above) and many of Houston's women leaders, for an event meant to bring attention to how HERO helps women. According to the HRC, "one in every five complaints filed under HERO were related to pregnancy or gender discrimination."

“Why here? Why Houston? Why me?" Ms. Field addressed the crowd. "Because everyone in this country is watching this. This is incredibly important. Eyes are on Houston."

norma_rae_.jpgMs. Field, who is the mother of a gay son, made a plea for Houston women to go to the polls Tuesday and vote for HERO, which has had an unrelenting campaign based on transphobic "bathroom fear" waged against its passage. 

“There are 15 different categories of people it protects." Ms. Field said. "I fit into many of those categories. This is my country. This our fight to bring about equality as a right for everyone.”

Early voting in Houston has been underway since October 19, with exit polls showing HERO in trouble. Supporters are hoping the anti-gay and anti-trans forces voted early, and Tuesday's vote will overcome the discrepancy.