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April 21, 2016 - I want to thank you for coming out here today to celebrate the birthday of Texas at the birthplace of Texas. I am proud to serve you as a Texas State Senator, but more importantly, today, I am just proud to be a Texan.

Now if you came here from the Houston area as I did, then you followed the same path that General Houston did during his March to San Jacinto.

You passed historic Harrisburg near the Port of Houston, which Santa Anna burned in his pursuit of the Texian Army. You passed through Galena Park and Pasadena where the General Houston crossed the Buffalo Bayou and narrowly avoided the Mexican Army. And ultimately, you ended up here, on this hallowed ground.

That is one of the reasons why I love East Harris County, and why I love this park-- Because you can feel the history, take it all in and really reflect on what the Texas Revolution meant to those brave soldiers and to future generations of Texans.

I believe the Texas revolution started long before the first musket was fired on this land. It started when Mexicans left their homes and braved the perils of the frontier, to carve out a new life for themselves and their family. With rugged idealism and an independent spirit, they planted in this soil, founded communities and spread their roots.

They were followed by Americans, French, Germans and others who shared the same thirst for independence and opportunity. In those early days our ancestors began to define what it means to be a Texan.

Yet In the minds of many, the Texas Revolution was fought by Anglo American settlers against Mexicans--That couldn’t be further from the Truth. If you read the names engraved in this monument, you will see that the Texian army was diverse, because Texas has always been diverse.

In our infancy, Texas was made up of people with widely different backgrounds but what brought them here, what bonded them is the Texas spirit. And whether you were born here or got here as soon as you could, it’s a spirit that still pulses through the Texas populace today.

We’re tough, hardworking people. We value liberty, opportunity and Democracy, and, we don’t like being told what to do!

Now this monument is a symbol those Texas values. It’s a celebration of the bravery of free men who stood against tyranny and oppression. It’s a constant reminder that nothing should stand in the way of liberty and equal opportunity for all. But most importantly this monument means; DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS! -- Thank you!