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AJC's Bridging America Task Force

Presents an  Immigration Summit on:

The Cost Savings of Implementing Immigration Reform

  • Business: Larry Kellner - Greater HoustonPartnership
  • Social Services: Deacon Joe Rubio - Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston 
  • Medical: David Lopez - Harris County Hospital District 
  • Education: Juliet Stipeche - HISD Board of Trustees 
  • Law Enforcement: Harris County Sheriff's Department

Moderated by Dr. Stephen Klineberg from Rice University

January 10, 2012

8:00 - 10:00 AM
Rice Memorial Center Ballroom on the Rice University Campus 
**No charge to attend (includes continental breakfast)

RSVP: See below



The United States is currently involved in a complicated and conflictive moment regarding immigration. While the Federal Government maintains definitive authority related to issues of citizenship and naturalization, Texas is poised to assume a leadership position pertaining to the responsible management of what is estimated to be 1.7 million undocumented residents currently living in the state.  

A diverse bipartisan group of Texans have arrived at this moment determined to assess the long-term economic consequences of our country's failure to implement comprehensive immigration reform.  Our goal is to develop an effective, rationally driven, state model for the many undocumented workers who currently live and work in our communities throughout Texas and without whom our state economy would collapse.

A diverse group of Texans is determined to assess the long-term economic consequences of our state's failure to implement effective policies for our undocumented workers. The State of Texas can develop the creativity, the public understanding, and the political courage to establish an effective identification and taxation plan. 

You are invited to attend "AJC's Bridging America Summit on the Cost Savings of Implementing Immigration Reform", January 10, 2012 from 8 am to 10 am at the Rice Memorial Center Ballroom on the Rice University Campus.  You will hear from some of our state's experts in the field of business, health care, law enforcement, education and social services.  By learning the facts and separating the fears and fiction associated with the immigration issue, we can respond effectively to both the challenges and the opportunities of today's immigrant experience.

This summit is coordinated by the American Jewish Committee - Houston Region and is co-sponsored by the Rice University's Kinder Institute for Urban Research.

The topics and discussions will encompass:

  • The long term losses and risks associated with an uneducated, disenfranchised population of immigrants and the benefits associated with providing the types of educational incentives welcomed and embraced by past generations of immigrants to our country.
  • The Health care realities and the costly inefficiencies in our current health care policies towards undocumented workers.
  • The fallacies and misplaced security concerns regarding undocumented workers that are hindering our police and making it more difficult to secure our cities and neighborhoods.
  • The importance of creating and maintaining an exemplary education system for all Texas children, knowing that they truly are the future leaders or the future disenfranchised citizens of our State.
  • The reality of an undocumented labor force in our community of over 300,000 and its impact on unemployment and loss of tax revenues.

This invitation is predicated on the belief that you have significant insight and energy to offer. There are a finite number of spaces and we are expecting a huge response.  However, if you know of someone who you feel should be included and wish to extend an invitation to them, please contact us.


A continental breakfast will be provided at no charge thanks to generous donations from Marcia and Mike Nichols and Stan Marek. Your RSVP will allow for us to effectively structure our groups and will facilitate our goal to use your time wisely and well.


AJC's Bridging America Task Force

Marcia and Mike Nichols - Immigration Summit Chairs

Steve Amstutz                                              Dawn Lin

Alan Bernstein                                              Jorge Mancilla              

Deise Blankfeld                                             Stan Marek                                         

Bob Borochoff                                               Rabbi Steve Morgen    

Beto Cardenas                                              Dr. Steve Murdock            

Reverend Mike Cole                                       Laura Perez-Boston          

Most Reverend Joseph Fiorenza                      Bishop Mike Rinehart                                  

The Honorable Charles Foster                         Dinesh Shah                                              

Commissioner Sylvia Garcia                            Richard Shaw   

Dr. Fena Garza                                              Martin Siegel

Benito Juarez                                                Daniel Stoecker

Dr. Stephen Klineberg                                    John Wilburn             

Nat Levy                                           


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