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EMILY’s List W.H.Y. 2012 Majority Council Regional Conference

Dear Friends,

As a woman, as a community leader, I have been appalled by how Republicans and their Tea Party allies are fighting to turn women's rights as far back as they can go. For years I have stood up for women and children but after the most recent attacks on women, I knew I needed to do more. That’s why, earlier this year, I joined the Board of Directors of EMILY’s List.

As you may know, EMILY's List is the organization with the resources and experience to elect Democratic women that will help combat the elements that want to turn back the clock on all the gains that women have made. But we need your help.

On Monday, April 30, EMILY’s List is hosting our first W.H.Y. 2012 Majority Council Regional Conference here in Houston. I will be there, and I would love for you to join me. This is an opportunity to speak with like-minded individuals, hear the newest updates on the most important races in the country, and share your feedback and support of EMILY’s List. 

Click here to sign up today.

You can join us for the full conference or purchase a reduced ticket for just the luncheon. If you have questions about tickets or would like more information, please contact Rebecca Leal at 512-440-8791.

With record number of Democratic women running for the US Congress and Senate, I am excited about our prospects for 2012 and eager to work alongside you to get there.

Working together, we win.  I hope to see you on April 30.


Hon. Sylvia R. Garcia


Sylvia Garcia Campaign
P.O. Box 8530, Houston, TX 77249-8530

Paid for by Sylvia Garcia Campaign; Roland Garcia, Treasurer