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Commissioner Garcia on the 2010 census

Commissioner Garcia has taken a proactive role in ensuring that all Precinct 2 residents are counted. She understands that federal dollars are at stake and we must get our fair share. Federal dollars are awarded based on census data and many county programs are federally funded. Government dollars for roads and bridges, senior, youth and veterans programs libraries and health care facilities are often determined by population counts. Commissioner Garcia has launched her "Precinct2counts" campaign to make sure everyone is counted.

Read her latest article on the census!
Now that the 2010 U.S. Census forms have arrived in our mail boxes, we ask why it is so important that each and every one of us filling them out. Beyond statistics, how does the acquired information help out our region? Guests: Annise Parker, City of Houston Mayor; Ed Emmet, Harris County Judge; Gabe Sanchez, U.S. Census Bureau Regional Director; Sylvia Garcia, Harris County Commissioner and NALEO President; Al Hoang, City of Houston Councilman ; Marcus Davis, Local businessman & radio personality; original broadcast date March 31, 2010.