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Standing up for People

Senator Garcia supports the protection and coverage of civil liberties to all Americans regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. She believes in, and fights for, the extension of marriage to our friends in the LGBT community, a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, fair access to quality education and healthcare, and protection to individuals from all forms of discrimination.

Senator Garcia opposes predatory lending that preys on disadvantaged Texans. She feels that all Texans should have equal access to fair and transparent financial services.

Senator Garcia also believes that current measures to restrict access to voting are misguided solutions to nonexistent problems. Anti-voter fraud laws passed in Texas have disproportionately affected the ability of the poor, minorities and married women to cast their ballots.



Senator Garcia feels that there are many aspects of our current public education system in need of reform. Senator Garcia believes in investing in early childhood education, including pre-Kindergarten for all Texas children; increasing investment in public education; and altering the student loan structures to allow higher education to be accessible to all, without having to go into debt.

Senator Garcia knows firsthand the value of a good education and that the success of our state depends on having a well-educated population.  That’s why she continues to fight for more funding for our public schools to allow for smaller classes, raises for teachers and improved quality of schools – especially in impoverished neighborhoods throughout her Senate District.



Healthcare is one of Senator Garcia’s top priorities. Texas is currently number one in the nation for uninsured citizens and that is felt disproportionately in Latino communities. Improving access to health care is vital to the wellbeing of our citizens.

Senator Garcia supported the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, which made healthcare accessible to all Americans, and supports its full implementation in Texas.

Senator Garcia believes that it was irresponsible to reject Medicaid expansion in Texas, leaving millions – often the poorest of the poor – without healthcare coverage. She will continue to push for a solution to close this coverage gap.



As one of two Latinas serving in the Texas Senate, Senator Garcia feels strongly that our current immigration system needs drastic reform.

Senator Garcia appreciates the important contributions of immigrants throughout the history of both our nation and our state. She believes we must embrace our state’s diversity and respect all persons, regardless of origin. Undocumented workers that come to the United States, often to escape deplorable conditions in their home countries, should be given the ability to become law-abiding, productive members of our society.

We must simplify the current procedures to become a legal resident which lead to years of red tape and gridlock. We are splitting-up families and sending back hard-working people when what we need to do is to continue the American tradition of embracing the talents and intelligence that immigrants have always brought to this country.



In order to maintain our success in the future, Texas must address its transportation and infrastructure problems. Road quality, safety and public transportation options are declining in a state once known for our great highway system.

Senator Garcia believes that Texas must focus on improving the quality of our roads. They are frequently riddled with hazards that make them dangerous to drive on and cause significant damage to vehicles.

Locally, Senator Garcia feels that Houston must enhance its public transportation system by serving more areas, increasing convenience and accessibility for users, upgrading current services, and expanding infrastructure.