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Commissioner Garcia on Infrastructure & MobilityCommissioner Garcia is committed to keeping the roads and bridges of Precinct Two in the best possible condition.

Strongly believing that partnerships produce results, she has worked hard with local, state and federal agencies to secure approximately $111 million for work to be completed in the precinct in the next two to five years. She has been creative in getting things done - fast-tracking much needed projects, such as the improvements to Fairmont Parkway in Pasadena, and the completion of the Space Center Boulevard expansion by using early implementation incentives when appropriate. In addition, scheduled maintenance and repairs have been completed to the Washburn Tunnel and the historic Lynchburg Ferry is undergoing extensive renovations.
Understanding the transportation needs of Precinct 2 residents, Commissioner Garcia helped secure federal dollars to begin the Baytown and Pasadena Park-n-Ride systems. Helping get people out of their cars and using mass transit not only improves mobility but reduces emissions as well.

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