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For Immediate release        
December 11, 2012


                         Contact: Kathryn McNiel

Sylvia Garcia asks "Who is Carol Alvarado Really Working For?"
SD 6 frontrunner Garcia will release her tax returns,
calls on Alvarado to release her taxes and disclose consulting clients.

Houston, TX -- Houston community leader and former county commissioner Sylvia Garcia, the leading candidate to win the upcoming special election in Texas Senate District 6, today called on her opponent Carol Alvarado to release her income tax records, and to disclose the names of businesses and others who have hired her as a consultant.

"On the issues that matter most to the working families in our area -- fighting for public schools, working to bring in good jobs, access to healthcare, and standing up to Rick Perry -- whose voices will Carol Alvarado hear? Will she side with our families, or the businesses and unknown groups that pay her to push their agendas?" asked Garcia. "The people of our community deserve to know who Carol Alvarado is really working for."

Houston Chronicle coverage of the special election for Senate District 6 exposed that Representative Alvarado recently advocated voter approval of a nearly $2 billion Houston Independent School District bond package, after Alvarado was hired as a paid consultant to work on the passage of the bond. Alvarado also worked as a paid consultant for the Metro Transit Authority while Metro pushed for a bridge over Harrisburg Avenue to accommodate East End passenger rail lines. The project was later modified due to community outcry.

"I am releasing my tax returns today because I have nothing to hide," Garcia stated. "I've spent my life as a public servant, fighting for working families as a social worker and a county commissioner. And as someone who grew up picking cotton in South Texas, I've never forgotten the priorities and values of struggling families. If my opponent, Ms. Alvarado, is in the pocketbook of big business special interests and unknown political insiders, the voters have to ask: can we really trust Carol Alvarado to do what is right for us on the issues that matter to working families?"

Garcia said she would release her own tax returns for every year since 1998, her first year holding elective office, and make them available for media review between 1 and 3pm today @ 710 Fairbanks, Houston. She called on Alvarado to do the same, and to fully disclose her consulting clients.

To review Garcia's tax records, members of the media are invited to contact Kathryn McNiel at 832-651-0044.