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A year ago, I was proud to stand with my Senate Sisters, Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte, as part of an amazing victory for Texas women, Texas families, and Texas Democrats! As I reflect upon the tremendous work and energy it required to create this seminal moment in Texas history, I am equally proud of our continued work to lift the voices of all hardworking Texans in the Texas Capitol. Wendy and Leticia continue the fight on the campaign trail, as our Democratic Candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor, respectively. They can trust in the fact that I will continue to stand by their side from now until Election Day and beyond.

The filibuster last year was an amazing victory against legislation that interrupts the fundamental rights of all women. It was intended to shut down the majority of women’s health centers across the state and leave women in rural areas with few to no options for family planning, cancer screenings, wellness exams and safe pregnancy care. We need to leave medical decisions, and life decisions, to women in consultation with their families, their doctors and their faith.

I was proud to watch my sister Wendy stand for over 13 hours in opposition to this legislation. It is a shame that our Republican colleagues felt the need to obstruct long honored Senate traditions in an attempt to ramrod this legislation through the process – and to silence the voice of one of the strongest women I know. When my sister Leticia uttered the now famous words “Mr. President, at what point must a female Senator raise her voice or her hand to be recognized over her male colleagues in the room” the loudest voice, the voice of the people prevailed. The “people’s filibuster” was a moment of triumph in a continuing fight. If we want to win in the face of the current political climate controlled by the Republican Party and their Tea Party allies, we must work tirelessly to reach a final victory. And, that my friends, can only come with the election of my Senate sisters- Wendy and Leticia as Governor and Lt. Governor of this great state.

I was honored to stand with Wendy and the thousands of Texans that came to the Capitol in protest to make their own voices heard. I continue to stand with Wendy in her continued fight for all hardworking Texans during her campaign for Governor. I will continue to fight until the will of the people is heard – heard across the state at rallies and campaign events and heard even louder this November at the ballot box.

Putting People First,

P.S. One of the most important ways we can #StandWithWendy is by voting. If you haven’t registered to vote, won’t you click here to register and join us?