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What should I wear?

Comfort is key. Business casual is appropriate but it is Texas and it is summer. There may be not time to go back to hotel to make a change, so plan ahead. Comfortable shoes are also strongly encouraged.


Where is Convention Center?

650 S Griffin St, Dallas, 75202 – in the heart of downtown Dallas. Know where you are staying before you leave for the Convention. Have confirmed reservations or make sure your friends know you’re coming. Be careful with time- we would not want you to be late for a vote or a key speaker.


How do I get to Convention Center?

Personal cars or taxis are your best bet. Check with your hotel to see if they have a shuttle to the Convention Center. Again, know your travel time. If dependent on public transportation like buses or rail, know routes and time they cease service.


How do I get into and out of DFW and Love Field?

Love Field is a short 20 minute drive down I35 from the convention center while DFW is a bit further out. Be mindful that due to the size of the delegations, there may be extra-long lines at various checkpoints so please plan to arrive at security areas with plenty of time and wear comfortable shoes. Have your boarding pass printed in advance and your identification ready.


How will I get my convention credentials?

Registration for credentials for Senate District 6 begins at 8:00AM on Friday at Convention Center. Look for a booth assigned to SD6. Please wear your credentials at all times. If you have a lanyard you want to bring with you to hold your paper credential, that’s fine. Hopefully, there will be some for sale or as a giveaway, but don’t count on it.


Do I need a ticket to get in to receptions and parties?

Many receptions are open to all delegates but some do require tickets. Check for emails and invites or go to the Texas Democratic Party (TDP) website.  Buy tickets early; some events do sell out.


When do the caucuses meet?

The caucus meetings will be held Friday, June 27 at Convention Center beginning at 9:00AM. Our SD6 Caucus is at 3:00PM in room D224 and the Harris County Caucus is at 11:30AM in Ballroom C1. Once you have credentials you may attend any of the interest group caucuses as all are open to all delegates, alternates and guests. Some of these groups will be making recommendations on convention business and some will be electing officers of organizations. Credentials are required for votes. The full list of issue caucuses is on the TDP website and will be in the convention program. But do watch out for changes or additions posted throughout the Convention Center.


Can I bring a guest?

Yes, caucus meetings are open to the public. Space is limited and credentials may be required to attend. Guest passes may also be available for the Convention. Check with the SD6 registration desk.


What kind of food will be at Convention Center?

There will be food and drinks for sale at the Convention Center but it is the usual fare of convention center food and snacks. If you have dietary or special needs, bring with you; same for medicines. There will be a lot of receptions and hospitality suites which may have lite snacks but don’t count on them for a meal.


Will there be Wi-Fi at the Convention Center?

There is Wi-Fi in the public spaces of the convention like food courts and concourses but try not to count on it being available or strong – they’re a lot of people attending. Remember to bring all of your chargers for laptops, cellphones, and smart phones.


Are these events open to the Press?

Most events are open to the press and there is always media around the Convention Center. Be mindful that you represent not only District 6 but also the TDP. If you choose to speak to the press, remember that you will be seen as a representative of the TDP and its values.


Can we expect to see protestors?

Yes, there may be protesters at the Convention Center or even the TDP Hotel Headquarters.  Be respectful of their rights. Do not engage with them; if they heckle you, smile and keep walking.


Will there be security at the Convention Center?

Yes, there will be security at the Convention. Remember to be respectful and cooperative and be prepared to have your credentials checked. ∙ You will most likely have to go through security including a metal detector and bag search upon entry. Weapons including pepper spray, audio visual equipment, photography equipment, glass, metal cans, food and drinks as well as large bags like backpacks are prohibited. Unopened plastic water bottles are the only exception to the drink policy.