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Austin - In the wake of the tragic loss of two students this week in a Houston Independent School District school bus accident, Senator Sylvia Garcia today requested that Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick charge the Senate Committee on Education with studying the following: 

Study current law related to school bus safety standards.  Review how data is currently collected by the Texas Education Agency related to school bus accidents and safety measures currently in place both on a state and local level.  Review current statute, cost, and funding sources for three-point and lap seatbelts.  Make recommendations regarding school bus safety standards, data collection, and seatbelt use by school districts.

"I know that as a former Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education and a fellow Houstonian, Lt. Governor Patrick is as distraught by the loss of two Houston students as I am. That is why I am hopeful that he will grant my request that he charge the Committee with studying the issue of school bus safety standards."

"This study will provide the Texas State Senate with the information needed to ensure the safety of our children on school buses. I believe that we must do everything within our power to prevent another tragedy from occurring. It is imperative that the parents of Texas know that their children will get to and from school safely."