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AUSTIN - Today, the Texas Legislature completed the 84th Regular Session as both the House of Representatives and Senate adjourned sine die. Senator Sylvia Garcia released the following statement regarding the end of the session:


"My priorities going into the session included education, health care, civic engagement, transportation and LGBTQ rights. I am very pleased to have achieved successes in each of these areas."


"I was able to pass legislation that will help my constituents and a wide variety of Texans. These bills address important issues such as standardized testing, college credits, transportation, voting, human trafficking, internet privacy, and identifying missing loved ones."

"With the help of our allies, we stopped a number of bills that would have had negative consequences for Texans across the state. This included the prevention of several anti-immigrant and anti-gay measures from becoming law, including:  sanctuary cities, the DREAM Killer Act, anti-gay marriage recognition, and the interstate border compact."