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AUSTIN - Today, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit upheld most of the devastating provisions of HB 2, the anti-abortion legislation, that passed in 2013. This harmful legislation creates barriers for abortion providers and will result in the closing of most clinics in Texas. Fewer than 10 clinics will remain open in Texas after the provisions of this bill go into effect.

"This devastating ruling will reduce the number of abortion clinics in Texas from 40 to less than 10 and will put tremendous obstacles in the way of a woman's constitutional right to a safe and legal health care procedure. This is already a very difficult personal decision for a woman. No woman should have to travel hundreds of miles to terminate a pregnancy. The provisions of this law will especially impact women living in rural areas and Latinas, who are twice as likely to face an unintended pregnancy and other health care barriers."

"I am deeply disappointed by the Fifth Circuit Court decision to disregard a woman's choice. This is not over. Legislators and reproductive health care advocates will continue to fight to undo the devastating effects of this  legislation that will shut the doors to most abortion clinics in the state and eliminate an important health care option for many women."