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SAN ANTONIO, TX – Today, United States District Court Judge David Alan Ezra issued a preliminary injunction enjoining certain provisions of House Bill (H.B.) 11 related to the harboring of immigrants.  Judge Ezra found that the Plaintiffs are likely to succeed on the merits of their arguments that H.B. 11's harboring provisions are preempted by federal law under the Supremacy Clause and that an injunction was in the public interest.

"I applaud Judge Ezra's decision to enjoin the enforcement of H.B. 11's harboring provisions.  This law grossly intimidates non-profits, shelter directors, and churches with punitive measures for offering help or housing to unauthorized immigrants, many of which are women and children.  The humanitarian services that these non-profits and organizations provide are essential to caring for all of those in need.  Further, these provisions place burdens on landlords that could lead to discriminatory rental practices against Texans based on their race or ethnicity.

"Texas should not force the likes of landlords or pastors to act as immigration officials.  That is not in their job description, and does nothing to make Texas a better place.  Conversely, this law encourages prejudice and discrimination toward minorities, while criminalizing the compassionate behavior of nonprofit and religious organizations for rescuing the weak and the needy. 

"I congratulate MALDEF, RAICES, and the Bishop Ozanam Center for fighting for the safety and care of all Texans, and hope that they will be successful in having these provisions permanently struck down."