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AUSTIN - Today, Senator Sylvia Garcia voted against adoption of HB 1, the final state budget proposal. The budget failed to address billions of dollars of identified needs in areas such as education and healthcare, while leaving a significant balance unappropriated.

"While I wanted to join my colleagues in voting for this budget, I could not in good conscience support a budget that fails to adequately fund the priorities of working families in Texas while leaving roughly $18 billion in state coffers. We have many unmet needs that could and should have been addressed in this budget. All Texans would benefit from investments in our infrastructure, our health, and our youth."

"This budget falls woefully short of adequately funding our public education system. Instead of being proactive and providing our schools with the resources they need, we chose to wait for the court to outline the minimum amount of funding that is required. We should strive to excel in education, not be forced into acting by a judge." 

"I am afraid that under this budget too many Texans will not have access to the health care and family planning services that they need. Again, we refused to expand Medicaid despite the overwhelming evidence that it would be a financial win for the state. Meanwhile, other Republican-led states have come to the unavoidable conclusion that having healthy citizens is a boon to their economy."

"Even more concerning is that the budget appropriates almost $750 million from General Revenue to the Department of Public Safety for border security activities without requiring any specific performance measures be met. I believe this gross overreaction is the result of political posturing and not demonstrated need. South Texas would benefit significantly more from spending this money on schools and clinics than on weapons and planes."