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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                         Contact: Paul Townsend

November 20, 2014                                                                                                  


Senator Garcia Supports Action on Immigration


Austin, TX – President Barack Obama is expected to announce his executive order on immigration this evening. While the details are still unknown, Senator Sylvia Garcia (SD-6) supports the protections for immigrants that the executive order will reportedly provide.

"As we approach the Thanksgiving holidays, I am thankful that President Obama has taken action that will allow millions across our country to celebrate with their families and loved ones without fear of deportation. While this historic order is a step in the right direction, we must continue to fight for meaningful comprehensive immigration reform that provides lasting relief to all of the family members and friends stuck in limbo due to a broken immigration system and Washington gridlock. It is my hope that the President's bold actions will spur Congressional action that creates a path to citizenship for all of the hardworking immigrants in our communities."    



Senator Garcia proudly represents Texas Senate District 6. Senator Garcia previously held office as Houston City Controller from 1998-2002 and County Commissioner from 2002-2010.