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AUSTIN - Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced the Senate Committee appointments for the 84th Texas Legislative Session. Senator Garcia is honored to serve on the Senate Committees of Education, Transportation, Intergovernmental Relations, and Veteran Affairs. These appointments will allow Senator Garcia to serve the constituents of Senate District 6 and all Texans in a wide capacity, and encompass some of the most pressing issues facing the state today. "As this new session begins, I am eager to serve my constituents and the Latino community across the state, and my new committee assignments allow me to represent them at the highest capacity." "There is nothing more important than securing our future, and serving on the Education Committee will allow me to ensure that our youngest and most precious constituents will have all of the resources they need to live full and enriched lives. My work on this committee will be especially important this session, as school finance and other education reform matters are top priorities for the 84th session." "As more people move into this great state and we experience unprecedented growth, addressing transportation funding and infrastructure deficits are a top priority for this legislative body. If we can't move goods and people across this state in a safe and effective matter, we will not be effective in serving our citizens." "Having served as a Harris County Commissioner, and with full knowledge that local governments are imperative at executing the functions and programs that are vital to the day-to-day lives of our constituents, I relish the opportunity to serve a second term on the Intergovernmental Relations committee." "I have the utmost respect and gratitude for the men and women that take the ultimate risk in protecting the freedoms and rights that we so all enjoy, and look forward to serving the nearly 27,000 veterans who live in my District. It is my turn to return the favor for their ultimate service to this country."