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AUSTIN - This week, Senator Sylvia Garcia passed two bi-partisan bills to reform election laws in Texas. Senate Bill 142 will allow counties to use state approved training materials for deputy voter registrars that can be accessed online, and House Bill 1026 will allow a county employee to serve as a tabulation supervisor.

"From day one, my legislative priorities have included increasing transparency within, and reforming, Texas' election laws. Senate Bill 142 will modernize volunteer deputy training to allow for online training of voter registration laws, and House Bill 1026 will allow counties to cut costs by allowing expert county employees to serve as election tabulation supervisors."

"We need to reduce as many barriers to voting as possible, and I believe these bills take a good step in that direction. We have a long way to go in improving elections in the state, such as allowing for online and Election Day voter registration, but I believe these bills are a signal that Texas will be more proactive and progressive in changing election laws in the future."