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Austin, TX – Today, Senator Sylvia Garcia filed SB 556 which would require the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to conduct a comprehensive review of weights, allotments, and adjustments under the public school finance system. The study would examine the effectiveness of current elements, as well as the need for any new ones. TEA would then report to the Legislature the findings of the review, including recommendations for any updates or statutory changes considered appropriate.

"As the Legislature awaits a decision by the Texas Supreme Court on the most recent lawsuit involving our public school finance system, we should study what actions can be taken in the future to avoid yet another lawsuit.

Many of the elements used in our school finance system have not been updated in decades and this creates an inaccurate representation of the funding challenges facing our local school districts. SB 556 would provide the Legislature with current data about our school finance system, along with recommended changes the Legislature should consider. Undoubtedly, incorporating the most up-to-date information and recommendations into any future reform of the school finance system would go a long way to avoiding future lawsuits on this subject."