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Dear District Attorney Devon Anderson:


Recently, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick requested that the Harris County District Attorney’s Office immediately begin a criminal investigation into Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s Houston office in connection with the latest video released by the Center for Medical Progress. Shortly thereafter, you announced that your office had done so. I welcome a fair and full investigation of the facts surrounding the complete, unedited video.


To ensure that the complete truth is discovered and that there is no public perception of bias, I would request that the possible legal violations by the other parties involved in this video are also examined. It is my understanding that the Attorney General of California and the United State Department of Justice are investigating possible legal violations by Biomax Procurement Services, the fake biotech company used in making the video, as well as the Center for Medical Progress, David Daleiden and Troy Newman for their involvement in the surreptitious videos released so far about Planned Parenthood. I ask your office to do the same.


Additionally, I would ask for an examination of the use of actors posing as Biomax representatives, the use of fraudulent identifications, and the means of securing the video without permission and in possible violation of confidentiality agreements.


So far, I have not seen any indication from your office, or from Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office in discussing their own investigation, that the conduct of those responsible for creating the videos will be investigated in Texas. I urge you to do so and reassure the residents of Harris County that this investigation is based solely on the law and not on politics. Thank you for your consideration.





Sylvia R. Garcia