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For Immediate release        
December 5, 2012


                         Contact: Kathryn McNiel



Today Sylvia Garcia asked everyone who believes that the families of Senate District 6 deserve to be represented in Austin sign a petition demanding Governor Perry set the date for this special election. “Go to my website and sign the petition now," said Garcia. “The legislature will start on January 8th and Senate District 6 needs a strong voice in Austin to restore public education funding and fight for healthcare for our seniors and our children. Unless Governor Perry calls the election right away we could be without a state senator in Austin for two months after the session has started,” said Garcia.

Representative Jessica Farrar pointed out that the 7 state representatives that are in Senate District 6 are left with out a leader in the Senate to work with on bringing their legislative issues forward from the house. “We need a Senator on January 8th, I am asking all of my constituents to sign, please go to Sylvia Garcia’s website and sign the petition,” said Farrar.

"The petition was posted on our website early yesterday evening and we have over a 100 signatures already, the voters care," said Garcia.

State Representatives Jessica Farrar, Alma Allen, Ana Hernandez-Luna, Armando Walle, Garnet Coleman, AFL-CIO, TOP and Area5 Democrats all join with candidate Garcia in asking Governor Perry to call this election.