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While the unexpected drought has hit us all hard, I am hopeful that you and your loved ones have survived it all. We have and we did not let it stop us from doing work that drives our passions, our message for service and our love for this City and Region.

My work as NALEO President and for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has taken me to Washington, New Mexico, Kansas, Boston, Orlando and several cities in Texas,  but as Dorothy famously said, “there is no place like home, there is no place like home.”

Here are a few hightlights:
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We launched our first ever "Candidate Forum" on our radio show, "This Week with Sylvia Garcia". We are focused on contested and open races in the City of Houston, Houston Independent School District & Houston Community College elections. The first show aired September 27th, focusing on District B & C, the second show aired October 4th, focusing on District J & K.
We invite you to tune in to learn about the candidates, the issues and the future of the Houston/Harris County Region. The series will be broadcasted live from the studios of UCTC Radio every Tuesday morning at 10:30am thru Tuesday, October 25.
October 11            
10:30am          Position 2        Fraga, Pool, Robinson, Thibaut
10:45am          Position 5        Christie, Jones, Robinson
October 18           
10:30am          HISD 3            Fonseca, Rodriguez                                    
10:45am          HISD 4            Daniels, Harris
October 25         
10:30am          HCC                Boney, Robinson

Latinos SOSHarris County recently released their new maps for redistricting. You will recall that the new census figures showed Latinos are now 40% of Harris County's population. Further, the Latino population drove 53% of Harris County's growth in the last decade. Despite this growth, Latinos will lose representation at Commissioner's Court due to their gerrymandering.
The map the County submitted to the Department of Justice is still under review. LATINOS SOS and several plaintiff's have filed suit against the County alleging that the new lines dilute Latino voting strength and is retrogressive as it effectively eliminates the opportunity for Latinos to elect a candidate of their choice which constitutes unlawful violations of the Voting Rights Act.
For more information visit the facebook page.

Baker Ripley Good Jobs Event
Immigration Forum at Baker Ripley
Good Jobs = Great Houston with
Texas Organizing Project
League of Women Voters Congressional Hispanic Caucus
The Texas Democratic Party recently honored Commissioner at its annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Austin.
Together with Senator Royce West of Dallas, she was recognized for her steadfast leadership, vigilant dedication and continual support of the Texas Democratic Party.
Commissioner was presented with the Rosa Walker Leadership Award which honors Rosa Walker of Austin, a prominent labor figure in Texas. Like Ms. Walker, Commissioner was cited for her tireless efforts in making a difference in our community and upholding the ideals of justice and equality for all.
To view the video presentation at the dinner, click here.


Garcia Family Home in Palito Blanco

The highlight of this quarter was our first ever Garcia family reunion.

Over 250 GARCIAS descended upon Alice & Palito Blanco, Texas and gathered Labor Day weekend. GARCIAS from as far away as California and Nevada, many of us meeting 2nd & 3rd cousins for the first time, gathered for bbq, music, dancing and a heck of a lot of fun. The oldest Garcia there was 75 years old and the youngest not even a year old. We created a "Family Altar" adorned with candles, photos and mementos of our loved ones, reminding us of those who have gone before. On Sunday in Palito Blanco, it was a Memorial Mass, visit to cemetery and breakfast afterwards.

And as is the Garcia tradition, no handshakes were exchanged, only big hugs and kisses.

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