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Time flies as another quarter comes to an end and we welcome the gorgeous fall weather. We only wish it was here year round.
While many are immersed in school, festivals, football or other favorite fall activity, we remain busy working on projects, campaigning for friends and talking about issues we care about. Here are some of the highlights for the quarter:
Birthday Week at Democratic National Convention
Elected a Texas delegate, Commissioner traveled to Charlotte to spend her birthday week at the Democratic National Convention. Every day was filled with activity as she attended workshops, meetings & caucuses and together with the Texas delegation, made sure that Texas’ presence was felt at the convention.
The week’s most memorable moments were on her birthday, September 6 which started with a handshake from President Clinton to hearing President Obama deliver his acceptance speech and afterwards getting a birthday hug from Vice-President Biden.
Campaigning & Fundraising Never Ends
Campaigning never ends, whether you are the candidate or not. And, as the Commissioner has discovered neither does fundraising. She has been on the trail for friends and on the phone for dollars. Last month, she Co-chaired together with CM Jerry Davis & Amber Mostyn the Democratic Party’s Annual Johnson+Rayburn+Richards Dinner. The dinner set new records- it was over goal, under budget and the most fun.  Best of all, it all ended by 9pm!
Meanwhile, on the road with a few of our friends:

 Constable Freeman & Chris Diaz

 Chairman Hinojosa

Visiting w/Nevada State Rep Flores & NM former AG Madrid
Presidential Election is Around the Corner
Yes, it is here. Just a month from now we will be voting for President and locally for everything from Sheriff to Judges to all those Bond initiatives. As we begin the final countdown, here are a few key dates to remember:
Voting by mail- last day to apply for ballot by mail is Tuesday, October 30, 1012.
Early voting- starts on Monday, October 22, 2012 and ends on Friday, November 2, 2012. To find the early voting location nearest you go to or call the Election Information Line:  (713) 755-6965.
Election Day- Tuesday, November 6, 2012. 20% of Harris County voters will have new polling locations. Be sure to check for yours here.
Also, watch for our Sylvia’s Choice highlighting the candidates we recommend.

Garcia on the Go
After a quiet summer, things have gotten into high gear after Labor Day weekend with more focus on the political landscape. However, all is not just about politics. We took the time to support the striking janitors, speak at several events and donate to worthy causes. A few of the highlights in fotos:



 Azteca TV Show

 Sharpstown Democrats Meeting



 Supporting TOP in Voter Engagement

 LULAC Scholarship


 Janitor's Strike

 Mostyn Bone Marrow Drive

Sylvia Garcia Campaign
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Paid for by Sylvia Garcia Campaign; Roland Garcia, Treasurer