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Senator Sylvia R. Garcia Articles List

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"I applaud Judge Ezra's decision to enjoin the enforcement of H.B. 11's harboring provisions. This law grossly intimidates non-profits, shelter directors, and churches with punitive measures for offering help or housing to unauthorized immigrants, many of which are women and children. The humanitarian services that these non-profits and organizations provide are essential to caring for all of those in need. Further, these provisions place burdens on landlords that could lead to discriminatory rental practices against Texans based on their race or ethnicity.

Today's decision by the Texas Supreme Court fails our children by refusing to recognize that the Legislature is denying adequate resources to schools so that every child can receive a quality education. We have a duty, not just under the State Constitution, but to our children and grandchildren, that the Legislature provide the necessary means to educate our children so that they have a chance to be successful in life. The priority in the Capitol should not be paying for tax cuts for big businesses on the backs of our children and most vulnerable; it should be a focus on making Texas a place where opportunity is only limited by the size of one's dreams and dedication to seeing them to reality.

AUSTIN, TX – Today, Attorney General Ken Paxton announced he will sue the Obama Administration over the president's recent transgender bathroom directive for schools. Senator Sylvia Garcia issued the following statement: "Texas schools are drastically underfunded and countless children are suffering for it, yet rather than address inequity in education funding the Attorney General has chosen to waste our tax dollars suing over a policy that allows all of our kids to use the bathroom in peace. We should focus on classrooms not bathrooms."

"Today's decision is a victory for all children seeking a higher education across this country. The United States Supreme Court has once again recognized the importance of diversity in institutions of higher education. Diversity in a student body not only advances minority students, but also improves the experience and outcomes of all students. Affirmative action is not a handout to less deserving minority students, but rather a recognition of the potential of these students and an opportunity to improve their lives through education.

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States took a monumental step in protecting the Constitutional rights of Texas women. For years, the Republican leadership has placed countless barriers on women seeking to exercise their Constitutional right to abortion access. These barriers are medically unnecessary, purely aimed at preventing women from making their own healthcare decisions, and thankfully now illegal.

Our nation has suffered too many profound and public tragedies, most recently in Louisiana and Minnesota, and now our beloved Texas. I pray for the families and loved ones of all victims, and also for peace, justice and an end to gun violence. Enough is enough, and I accept responsibility to work on policies that will help our society root out racism, racial profiling, and economic disparities. Thoughts and prayers alone will not fix these problems. We have to act in the Texas Legislature. We must do better."

On June 17, Governor Abbott signed Senate Bill 1135 which was authored by Senator Sylvia Garcia. The bill seeks to stop the disturbing trend of nonconsensual disclosure of sexually explicit images on the internet usually done with the specific intent to gain revenge and harm the depicted person who has not consented to the disclosure of the images. This practice has been commonly referred to as "revenge pornography." Victims' images are commonly posted along with information such as their name, contact information, and links to their social media profiles. To add insult to injury, "revenge porn websites" are further preying on victims by charging fees to remove the sexually explicit images from the internet. SB 1135 establishes criminal penalties and civil remedies for this reprehensible practice. The law will take effect on September 1st of this year. "I am thrilled ...

  AUSTIN - Today, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit upheld most of the devastating provisions of HB 2, the anti-abortion legislation, that passed in 2013. This harmful legislation creates barriers for abortion providers and will result in the closing of most clinics in Texas. Fewer than 10 clinics will remain open in Texas after the provisions of this bill go into effect. "This devastating ruling will reduce the number of abortion clinics in Texas from 40 to less than 10 and will put tremendous obstacles in the way of a woman's constitutional right to a safe and legal health care procedure. This is already a very difficult personal decision for a woman. No woman should have to travel hundreds of miles to terminate a pregnancy. The provisions of this law will especially impact women living ...

Today, Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 1485 authored by Senator Sylvia Garcia. The bill makes death records of unidentified persons public information on the one-year anniversary of the date of death. Currently, all death records are confidential for 25 years.     "There are far too many unidentified human remains discovered in Texas every year, especially in our border region. I hope that this legislation will help identify those remains so that families and friends can get closure and properly lay their loved ones to rest. It should also ensure that these remains are handled with the dignity and respect that they deserve." "SB 1485 was a big priority for me this session, and I am thrilled that it passed through both the Senate and the House unanimously. I want to thank all of the advocates that worked so hard to ...